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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Mazel Tov!  After months of hard work and preparation, the big day is almost here!  You've been called to the Torah, and will soon complete an important milestone in your Jewish education. Your family and friends are dying to celebrate, and we are too!  


The Who I Am Project

Because you are so many things to so many people. 

Adolescence should be called ‘the lost photo years’.  Looking back, often the only picture we can find of ourselves from this era has a laser light background and a pretty terrible hairstyle. At ages 10-12, young girls aren’t kids anymore but aren't quite teens either, and they're not sure if the things that are unique about them are cool or just plain weird. There’s lots of pressure to fit in and lots of questions about identity.  We're on a mission to build adolescent women's confidence through our special photography project.


High School Seniors


Make your senior portrait experience unforgettable!


Get a senior portrait experience like no other! Have the time of your life, make senior year amazing ALL YEAR, and get the best senior portraits available in the area.   Click the bottom button for more details on our Senior Experience, pricing information, and portfolio links.


Raves + Reviews

Early Bird Photo is a North Carolina photography studio happily focused on people. We love being a part of your life through portraits, weddings, special events, and corporate events.  And we believe the best moments happen naturally.

We’re excited to capture these times with high quality photography delivered with a joyful spirit. We help you preserve memories long after these special days have passed - cheerfully turning photos into stories through keepsake albums, high quality prints, and wall portraits. Under our wing, your short-lived moments become well-enjoyed memories.

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Hi there.

Hi, I’m Beth, the owner and photographer behind Early Bird Photo.

For me, photography has always been about people. When I was a kid, I would spend hours poring over the family photo albums. My dad used to glue tons of those little photo corners onto the page and caption every photo with a felt tip pen. I still remember what each of those pages looked like because of what they showed me: photographs were a vehicle for his love.

They are for me too. In 2011, I became a photographer to use my passion and positivity to help others share more love, community, and moments together.

I’ve learned that when you photograph people, rather than a landscape or a still life, capturing each moment is inherently fleeting. Its very nature is that it will only exist for a split second. People are beautifully unique and the emotions we share with one another (both happy and sad) are ultimately what make our lives worth living.

Photography is my way to celebrate that. I get to be there to support you and cheer you on during special days. And then, through albums and other keepsakes, I’m able give you beautiful records of growth and change in yourself and in your families.

Early Bird is what comes naturally. It empowers me to use my creativity to bring more joy to your life. And at the end of the day, there’s no better feeling for me.



Photo courtesy of Elly's Photography

Photo courtesy of Elly's Photography


Beth Mann is the owner of Early Bird Photo, formerly BWPW Photography, and is happily based in Durham, North Carolina. She is a community-minded local business owner, an avid crafter and comic book fan (Daredevil!), and loving wife to her husband, Darrin. Say hello here.

Beth is also the photographer and artist behind The Who I Am Project, an empowerment photography experience for pre-teen girls and their families. Learn more here