Because you are so many things to so many people

Adolescence should be called ‘the lost photo years’.  Looking back, often the only picture we can find of ourselves from this era has a laser light background and seriously questionable fashion choices. At ages 9-12, young girls aren’t kids anymore but aren't quite teens either, and they're not sure if the things that are unique about them are cool or just plain weird. There’s lots of pressure to fit in and lots of questions about identity.


I've made it my mission to capture those lost photo years, while helping young women build confidence and self-esteem. The goal of this project is to help adolescent women look and feel beautiful - both inside and out - and feel secure in themselves before they hit high school. I want them to see that their unique qualities are what make them the amazing individuals they are, and not something to hide away for fear of being ‘different’.

In comes the “WHO I AM" project:

We are starting the “WHO I AM" photography project to fill in the forgotten photo years while enriching the lives of pre-teens. The main goal is to make pre-teens look and feel special and have confidence in who they are.

Who we're looking for:

I work with young women (and trans women) ages 10-12. I invite these girls to do a beautiful shoot in my studio, and ask them to bring something they’re passionate about. I then survey their parents, coaches, teachers and friends, combining the text and photographs to create an impactful piece of art. The final presentation is a surprise to both the tween and her family.  This experience is free for all participants, who also receive a fine art print as a thanks for participating.

Why “WHO I AM"?

I want to capture the personality of these girls and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young women. I want them to realize their true beauty and specialness so that they are confident in themselves before they hit their most difficult years. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can have on a tween’s self-image.

How to participate or nominate a friend:

The in-studio session itself is complimentary for the first 20 registrants* and includes $50 in product credit (a $200 value), which can be used towards a beautiful fine art 8x10 print. Our goal is to create a gorgeous group of photos you'll love and that truly show your tween's spirit and soul!  If you are interested in purchasing additional products or images, our studio portrait collections start at $375.

Click here if you'd like to read some comments from parents of past participants about their experience with the project.

Sign-ups are currently closed. 

* If you miss this group, don't worry!  You can still participate!  For enrollees after the first 20, we require a session deposit of $150, but this is returned to you as a product credit at your viewing session.  


The Who I Am project is an empowering photographic experience for preteen girls and their families. Created by photographer Lisa Edwards, it is being recreated for the Durham community with her kind permission.