Thank you for your interest in our “Who I Am” project - filling in the forgotten photo years while empowering adolescent women.

We would love to have your child participate!

These portraits will be taken in our portrait studio in Durham at Goldenbelt Arts (Building 3, Studio 111, 807 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701). We will capture your child's personality - whether they are silly, shy or a little bit of both. We also want to capture what they LOVE. If they love to swim, bring their goggles and swimsuit; if they love basketball, bring a basketball and uniform. If they love art, let's include some artwork and maybe splatter some paint on a white background! We can really be creative!

Words + Imagery

Beautiful artwork mixed with words can be so powerful. Before your child's session, we will ask you and a spouse/partner questions about your child. We will also see if they have a best friend or any teachers or coaches that might also be willing to answer a few questions. We will mix words and text with a final image.'s a secret

We want the interviews to be a secret to your preteen, so that we can reveal all the positive things you and others have said about them when we reveal the photographs. They should have no idea this is going to happen. We will interview them with a few questions, so they will think any words will just be things they said themselves. In our experience, this has a remarkable impact on them. Think about it - if someone surprised you with 15-20 positive quotes about you, how would you feel? I bet it would be AMAZING!

After the project

We plan on using these images to start spreading the project even further in our community, so we can positively influence the lives of as many tweens as possible! We will use your images combined with your quotes to create an impactful piece of art to use in our marketing. Because of this, we do require that a model release is signed, so we have permission to use these photos on our website and other promotions (and tag you in them on Facebook!). We will provide the release form.

A fantastic value (and FREE gift!)

This "Who I Am" photo session, normally $150, will be complimentary for the first 20 people to sign up, as our thanks to you for being part of the project. You will also receive a $50 credit toward anything you would like to order (good for a beautiful 5x7" or 8x10" mounted, archival quality print, or as credit toward a collection). About 1-2 weeks after the session we'll have you come into the studio to pick the images you like and use your product credit.  Our portrait collections start at $375 and go up from there, and portrait albums start at $575. 

If you miss the first 20 sign-up spots, you can still participate!  Because this is a popular project, for registrants after the first 20 we require a session deposit of $150 to hold your appointment, but this will be returned to you as a product credit at your viewing session. You will still receive the $50 thank you credit for participating, so at your viewing session you will have $200 total in product credit.

When will this happen?

These sessions will take place on weekdays between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Each session will last 30-40 minutes. We have set the times to allow after-school photos, as well as offer parents the option to get kids out of school a little bit early if their child is in after-school activities.

What if I like more than one photo?

In order to take advantage of the $50 product credit, any order must be placed with payment at the in-person viewing session and presentation, which we will schedule together 1-2 weeks after the session. This is when you will also choose what you want to order with your $50 product credit. This is also the time your daughter will get to see ALL of the photos, set to music, with all of the amazing quotes presented in a slideshow.

Ready to join us?

we're so excited!  Let's Schedule your appointment!

Now that you're ready to schedule, use our digital scheduling tool below to select any available appointment.  Details of what to bring to your appointment and how to fill out and distribute questionnaires about your tween will be sent to you once you are scheduled.* 

Please remember, the questionnaires are an essential part of the Who I Am Project. Beautiful images are an important piece of the puzzle, but for your tween to gain the maximum benefit, combining those images with words from trusted peers and adults creates the strongest impact in building confidence.  Watch your email for details on how to complete this important step.


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